Nurxhan Gostivari

Birth Place: Tiranë

Father-in-Law: Galip Hatibi

Mother-in-Law: Asamble Hatibi

Husband: Durim Hatibi


Testifies about her father-in-law Galip Rasim Hatibi who was Secretary in the Ministry of Interior, but resigned and was appointed organizer of the Balkan Games, the State’s Football Championship. Fluent in Serbo-Croatian, Italian, French, English and German. On September 25, 1946, he was arrested by State Security Service after a meeting with sports’ leaders. He was 26 years old when he was arrested. He spent two years in prison 1946 – 1948. According to what had been written by the newspapers of the time, from the Trial of Llambi Ziçishti, it was said that Galip Hatibi have been burned alive.

His son Durimi says that according to the declarant Siri Ago, Galip Hatibi was tortured in prison until he lost consciousness and was burned with gasoline in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Even his mother-in-law Asamble had been convicted of agitation and propaganda. She had been sentenced to 7 years and served 4 years due to the amnesty that took place at that time. She was sentenced in 1978 at the age of 55.

The body of Galip Hatibi has not yet been found. The name and photo of Galip are placed in the tomb of Asamble, but his remains are still missing.