Lin Mhilli

He testifies about the shooting of his father, who had been a partisan in the 4th partisan brigade with Commander Mitat Goskova from Korça. He tells that the story of his father was told to him by a former partisan named Zef Marashi who was his neighbor and had been present during the shooting of his father.

His father was executed by shotting at the age of 30 and Lin could find it out after 7 years when he was at school. “I found it out when I was at school, after 7 years when I went to school people used to say to me ‘You have a bad biography’.”

Lini testifies that he lived in difficult economic conditions and that he was fired from work because of his “bad biography”. Regarding his father’s place of burial, he says that after 3 months, 3 of his cousins went to the place and took the body and burried it in their cemetery.

Now he is still seeking through DNA analysis to verify the remains of his father.