Lekë Tasi

Birthyear: 1929

Father’s Name: Koço Tasi

Birthdate: 15. 05. 1898

Birthplace: Leusë, Përmet

Sentence: 20 Years Imprisonment

Uncle: Akile Tasi

Birthdate: 1891

Birthplace: Leusë, Përmet

Sentence: 30 years imprisonment

In 1943 it was opened the music school, I chose the violoncello. I studied there for 2 years. For 20 years I have been part of the Orchestra of the Radio and Opera house, then I was fired. In 1975, as a declassed family we were interned in Grabjan until 12th of October 1990. Seven members of the family were in prison. My brother was sentenced 10 years but did 7 years due to amnesty. My sister Tefta during the internment had been tortured and given only sweet food to eat, no salt, so she got sick of high blood pressure. She had not been given the opportunity to eat normally. All the years of communism, they searched our house regularly and eavesdropped on us from the windows.

My father had been arrested in the center of Tirana. He sentenced to life imprisonment of having his role in the Albanian Politics of 1920s. He was a nationalist and had no other relation except with the National Front. He had been in prison at the same time as his uncle. My father completed 20 years of prison and released but later was diagnosed with stomach cancer and died 4 hours after the surgery. 

The Uncle Akile Tasi was a journalist in USA of “Vatra” and “Dija” who returned in Albania in the 1930s to be appointed as administrator of National Library, and then he became a journalist. He was arrested in Shkoder. He went there hoping to escape, but he couldn’t. My uncle got sick form empathic scleroses, and in 1961 he died in the hospital of the prison.

His remains have never ever been found.

Listed with my dead brother and father there is also the name of my uncle Akile Tasi but his remains are missing and we are still looking for them.