Hektor Sejko
Hektor Sejko

Father’s Name: Taho Sejko
Birthdate: 12 February 1912

Taho Sejko was born on February 12, 1912, son of Mehmet Sejko. He took part in the Anti-Fascist war, he was the Deputy Commander of the first Çamëria squad. He was member of the collegium of the People’s Voice. He was later appointed Director of Shkodra Park. Disappeared / kidnapped on July 28, 1960.
According to the testimony of his son Hektor Sejko, his father was kidnapped by three security officers who stopped by with a Security Service car, threw a blanket over his head and took him to Tirana.
He was accused of being an agent of foreign intelligence, together with other persons, due to the fact that in an organized form he carried out hostile activities aimed at overthrowing the people’s government by force, carrying out the tasks of foreign intelligence, giving secret information and recruiting other persons.
He had not been present at the court. According to documents obtained in 1991 he was shot on 24. 02.1962. The body has not been found and he is considered missing by his son and his family.
Hektor Sejko did not stop looking for his father and requested the Ministry of Interior for his father’s file.